Our Company

Our Company

Eden is a market – focused aggregate producer

We are committed to ethical behavior and responsible use of natural recourses in harmony with our environment.

Eden produces , ships and sells a wide range of basalt based products from its plants in Iceland to customers in Europe, ranging from industrial contractors to decorative gardening companies and the cosmetic industry.

Basalt imparts to a whole myriad of products including insulation production, road building, foundation filling, concrete manufacturing, filtering, water treatment etc.

Eden is the largest aggrigeate exporter in Iceland

Our Vision

Eden aims to be a local leader for the global market, market – focused, values – based aggregate producer to meet the needs of its customers in the 21 century

Our Values

This is already expressed in the actions we undertake daily to protect our own safety and health and that of our colleagues, to protect the environment and to be respected by our customer and the communities in which we live and work.

Entrepreneurial spirit

This is what made us what we are today. It has given us our strong leadership, our desire to explore new ideas and our desire to innovate. It means we adapt to changes and are in a strong position to deal with risk and uncertainties.


Our reputation for honesty and integrity is founded on our commitments to conducting business in an ethical manner.


Eden strives to create an open, trusting straightforward culture and forge close ties with all its stakeholders.